USConnect Network Expands to 21 Companies

USConnect Network Expands to 21 Companies (06/12/13)
Greensboro, NC. The USConnect network of vending and food service operators has expanded to 21 companies since launching in April 2013 with 14 members. The geographically exclusive organization is in discussions with several other leading vend operators. When fully deployed, the current group will have about 35,000 connected points of sale including vending machines, micro markets and dining facilities, accepting integrated cashless payments via credit/debit cards and the proprietary, hosted balances, USConnect Card. The network is being built to also universally accept smartphone payments, a key initiative as the smartphone payment industry matures over the next few years.

USConnect is uniquely positioned to fulfill actual product specific promotions and loyalty incentives because of its comprehensive technology platform which requires pre-kitting and continual verification of plan-o-grams to match up the DEX stream with specific product identification.

Jeff Whitacre, CEO, expects the group to expand rapidly to cover all major US markets reaching well over 100,000 connections within the first two years. "Vending and food service operators need the feeling of belonging to an organization that has their best interest at heart. The independent operators need to band together for survival, and as a bonus, this organization is also about improved profitability and business growth," says Jeff.

More information about USConnect is available at

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