USConnect® and USA Technologies to Debut New Mobile Payment and Loyalty Experience for the Unattended Retail Industry

USConnect®, a consortium of industry-leading independent food-service companies, and USA Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:USAT) ("USAT"), a payment technology provider of cashless and mobile transac-tions in self-serve retail, today announced support for a frictionless version of the industry-leading USConnectMe loyalty program that can accept Apple Pay as a payment method for vending purchases. This latest innovation allows for fast and simple registration, payment and rewards via the USConnectMe Loyalty Program when presented at self-serve machines equipped with USAT’s G10S devices processing on the ePort Connect network.

“We are excited to debut USConnect’s Apple Pay-enabled loyalty program at NAMA’s One-Show.” said Jeff Whitacre, Founder & President of USConnect. “This technology further extends our loyalty program to incorporate a full spectrum of mobilepayment options.  Now integrated with USAT’s ePort G10-S and network capabilities, USConnectMe provides an unparalleled ex-perience for vending customers.”

The partnership enables USAT- powered vending machines to utilize USConnect’s  turnkey loy-alty program that allows their members to accept loyalty payments via Apple Pay. Combining the advanced technology of the ePort G10S device with the USConnectMe loyalty program, brings consumers a world of new benefits in a frictionless environment, including: instant promo-tions and rewards, maximum flexibility, the security of mobile payment technology along with the ability to designate altruistic contributions to the charity of their choice and much more.

“USConnect is a premiere affiliate organization in the US vending market with an eye towards providing innovative cashless payment options and loyalty programs for unattended retail opera-tors,” says Maeve Duska, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing, USA Technologies. “With approximately 200,000consumers already using USConnect’s loyalty program, we believe this integration not only expands the payment options for machines connected to our network, it also sends a signal to the industry that mobile payment acceptance and loyalty program integra-tion is quickly becoming a necessary check-box in self-serve retail.”

USAT and USConnect® are leading the unattended industry in technology, consumer experience and employee engagement. Their combined technologies offer consumers an unparalleled opportunity to leverage the latest smartphone technology to make mobile payments and take ad-vantage of mobile loyalty and rewards.

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